Emily Elrod on being a HOT human (#16)

Do you want to be a HOT human? 

And no, I don’t mean physically or metaphorically hot. 

I mean, do you want to be someone who is humble, open and transparent? 

Do you want to connect with people in a more real and authentic way at home and at work? 

Today we talk to Emily Elrod about being a HOT human and how to improve our mental fitness to better deal with stress and conflict. 

Emily is the founder of Workzbe, a company that helps to bring collaboration, fun, and wisdom to overwhelmed leaders in HR, Safety, and Organisational Development.  

Emily started out as a lead ergonomic engineer who loved people more than machines. She is an award-winning health strategist who despised how programs were creating human workers and not human beings. She saw first hand the impact of stress and how it can cut off innovation, growth, and longevity. 

Emily is also the host of the podcast: Unapologetically BOLD: I’m not sorry for…. If you are someone who is tired of apologising for being you, that human part of you that sometimes feels like it has to be different at home than at work, then you would love this podcast. 

We hope you enjoy this humble, open and transparent conversation with Emily Elrod. 

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Show Notes

2:03 – Being a HOT human.
2:57 – being honest and avoiding sugar coating.
5:18 – actions speak louder than words.
6:48 – perfectionism gets in the way of being a HOT human.
10:02 – being real.
15:00 – navigating shame and disappointed expectations.
17:31 – build character not perfection.
19:53 – improving communication is essential for marriage.
23:43 – family CEO meeting.
28:48 – creating work cultures where people feel safe to be open.
31:38 – impact of stress on performance.
36:21 – how to have better conversations when our ego feels threatened.
40:38 – unsaid expectations causes conflict.
44:04 – mental fitness.
50:05 – identifying our emotions.
54:34 – creating culture of emotional intelligence.
57:05 – get in touch with Emily.

Links to references 

Term “H.O.T. (Humble Open Transparent) Human” was coined by Mike Todd from Transformation Church 

MJ Shaar, positive psychology and wellness speaker 

Bob Chapman, Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller 

Amygdala: “Amy” decides who gets the keys to the car 

Serotonin: safety cop 

Dopamine: happy cheerleader 

Cortisol: angry co-worker 

Oxytocin: loving grandmother 

Work WISE assessment 

Key Quotes

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