Teaser: Mark and Divan on why interpersonal communication matters

Mark and Divan introduce the Candour Communication Podcast. They explain the importance of interpersonal communication and what prompted them to start this podcast.

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0:28 – why start a podcast
0:33 – learners not experts
1:05 – ability to influence separated top performers
2:10 – started learning about influence and leadership
2:36 – interpersonal communication is a big part of leadership
3:06 – could read books but wanted to grapple with the concepts in conversations
3:46 – noticed many relationships where people seemed to be talking a different language
6:31 – relationships are so important to our happiness and wellbeing
7:13 – there is so much we don’t know about communication but there are resources and experts out there to help us
8:45 – terrified of public speaking since school
10:49 – a different person at home: full on performer
12:21 – a near death experience turned things around
16:12 – how toastmasters helped build confidence
17:15 – still get nervous when presenting
18:16 – it’s the human side that gets in the way of communication
19:33 – communication is not an easy fix
19:48 – being authentic vs putting on a show to perform
21:33 – people want the real you
22:33 – it’s easier to take rejection when we’re in character
23:12 – being someone else is a heavy shield to carry
25:13 – performing to succeed vs being yourself to connect
26:05 – communication is hard because it’s about balance
26:44 – how we’re hoping to help listeners
28:13 – hoping to improve through continual awareness and practice

About the author

Divan and Mark are co-hosts of the Candour Communication Podcast where we discuss interpersonal communication and all the human stuff that gets in the way.